Jun 2 2011

Power Poker latest online room to leave US market

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Chalk up another causality to Black Friday as another online poker room has decided to voluntarily leave the US market, this time the site is Power Poker. Power Poker will no longer accept new US players to their site, but current US players at Power Poker will be allowed to continue to play at the site.

Victory Poker was the first online poker room to voluntarily leave the US market –and subsequently has shut down its online poker room and is now an affiliate site—and now Power Poker, which like Victory operates on the Cake Poker Network has followed suit.

In addition to Victory Poker and now Power Poker, the Merge Gaming Network also saw a couple of online poker sites take a similar, preemptive, course of action, Sportsbook Poker and Players Only Poker, both of which stopped accepting new US players following the US crackdown.

In an E-Mail sent out to its players, Power Poker discussed the decision by saying:

“Due to recent movements by the U.S. government concerning online poker, PowerPoker is no longer accepting new U.S. players… Following the April 15 “Black Friday” shut-down of major online poker sites PowerPoker Management has decided to pull out of the U.S. market fully and indefinitely… Any existing U.S. accounts will remain accessible as normal,”

It’s quite likely that the continued crackdown was also a factor in Power Poker’s decision –the Yatahay Network had its poker rooms shut down by the US government in a separate investigation from the one that saw Full Tilt Poker, PokerStars, and UB/Absolute Poker come under fire from the US DOJ.

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