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The reason Party Poker has maintained its level of popularity is due to the amount of promotional offers and bonus money that is awarded by the poker site. You can really make your money go a long way with the bonus incentives offered by Party Poker. Party Poker promotions are constantly changing and new ones are being added every day; however, there are a few staples that can always be found at the site.

Party Poker

Party Poker First Time Deposit Bonus

The first time you will receive a bonus from Party Poker is when you sign up for a real money account. Party Poker will award you with a 100% bonus up to $/£/Ä100. Like all Party Poker promotions, you will be required to clear your bonus first by earning PartyPoints. Two PartyPoints are awarded for every $1 of rake you pay in real money ring games. If you paid in dollars, you will need to earn six times the bonus amount. For Euros, it is eight times the bonus amount and for Sterling it is nine times the bonus amount. Your bonus will be divided into ten equal parts and distributed to you as you earn each chunk of the bonus. You have 60 days to clear this bonus.

Party Poker Bad Beat Jackpot

Another ongoing Party Poker promotion is the Bad Beat Jackpot. Occasionally, a player will lose with an incredibly strong hand. This is known as a Bad Beat. At Party Poker, there are Bad Beat Jackpot tables where 50 cents of every pot is added to the jackpot. When a player who holds a four of a kind (8 or better) is defeated, 75% of the Bad Beat Jackpot will be awarded to the players at the table, while the other 25% will go towards funding the next jackpot. Of that 75%, 50% goes to the player with the Bad Beat, 25% goes to the winner of the hand and 25% will be evenly distributed to any player that was participating when the Bad Beat occurred.

Party Poker Bankroll Builder

Many Party Poker promotions cater to new players. The Bankroll Builder is one of these promotions. When new players join Party Poker, they are given exclusive access to rookie freeroll tournaments for the first 60 days of their membership to the site. The prize for winning a Bankroll Builder tournament is part of a $100 jackpot and an entry into a weekly $2,500 tournament. If you do well in the weekly tournament, you can even move on to the $10,000 monthly freeroll.

Party Poker promotions range from bonus money to entry into freeroll tournaments. Other than the ongoing bonuses that are always available, Party Poker is constantly running new promotions, contests and tournaments. The more you play at Party Poker, the more bonuses and promotions you can enjoy.

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