Sportsbook Poker on a Mac

written by: John

HomeOnline Poker » Sportsbook Poker » Sportsbook Poker for Mac is one of the Internet's premiere sports betting sites, but the company is also known for its online poker rooms as well. Sportsbook Poker provides players from around the world the chance to compete in a variety of poker games at a number of different betting limits. However, Mac users who wish to play at Sportsbook Poker will have a difficult time doing so.

Sportsbook Poker

Downloading and Installing Sportsbook Poker for Mac

There is currently no Mac version of the Sportsbook Poker software. Mac users who wish to play at Sportsbook Poker will need to use an emulation program that allows them to run Windows software on their Mac. Wine, SoftWindows and VirtualPC are all examples of a Windows emulator; however, using such programs are very complicated and not recommended for the casual computer user. Using an emulator is also not guaranteed to always work, so use your best judgment when making deposits because there is no guarantee that you will always be able to use the program. The instructions for using the Windows emulator can be located at the home page for the emulator itself.

After running a Windows emulator to play Sportsbook Poker on a Mac, you will need to download the poker software installation file.

1. Click the Download button on the Sportsbook Poker web site.

2. Save the file to an area where it can easily be found.

3. Run the installation file and follow the on-screen prompts to complete registration.

4. Agree to the terms and conditions and finish installation.

System Requirements for Sportsbook Poker Mac

The minimum system requirements necessary to run a Windows emulator will vary depending on which one you use. Not all emulators are available for all versions of Mac OS. Once you have found an emulator you can use, the following system requirements are necessary to run the Sportsbook Poker software:

Windows 2000 or later (this environment is provided by the emulator)

Equivalent of 366Mhz Pentium Processor or better

265 MB of RAM

At least a dial-up Internet connection

40 MB of free space on your hard drive

Differences Between the Mac and Windows versions of Sportsbook Poker

As there is no Mac version at this time, the only option that Mac users have is to use a Windows emulator to access Sportsbook Poker. Therefore, there is no difference between the Mac and Windows versions of the software. However, using a Windows emulator on a Mac may not always work, so the Mac version has some accessibility issues.

Mac users who wish to play quickly without downloading any emulation programs may also access Sportsbook Casino. They can then utilize Sportsbook's Instant Play feature and play casino poker games such as video poker and poker dice.