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written by: John

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The popularity of the Ubuntu operating system is constantly growing, but unfortunately it's not growing quickly enough for many online poker rooms to take notice. This does not mean that Ubuntu users are unable to play online poker, however. Using a program called Wine, Ubuntu users can download poker software from nearly any poker site and run it on their Ubuntu computer.

Sportsbook Poker

Installing Sportsbook Poker Ubuntu

Before you install the Sportsbook Poker software client, you will need to install Wine. This can be done in two ways:

1. Click on Applications, then click Accessories. Select Terminal.

2. Once in the Terminal, enter sudo apt-get install wine in the command prompt.

3. You should now be asked if you wish to install Wine. Type Y and hit the enter key.

4. At this point you may be asked for a password. Enter your Ubuntu root password to continue the installation. Once you have done this, Wine should be installed correctly.

Alternatively, you can use this method to install Wine:

1. Open Synaptic.

2. Click Settings, then Repositories.

3. Enable Universe by clicking on it.

4. Search for Wine. Once you find it, mark it for installation and select Apply

Once Wine is installed, you are ready to download Sportsbook Poker's software client. This is done almost exactly as if you were installing the software on a Windows computer.

1. To begin, visit and click Download Now near the top of the screen.

2. When prompted, choose to save the file install.exe somewhere on your computer.

3. When install.exe has finished downloading, open and execute the file.

4. Install Sportsbook Poker as instructed. Make sure to read and accept Sportsbook Poker's End User License Agreement.

5. Be sure to install the Sportsbook Poker software client in Wine's directory. This can be found in Applications. This step is crucial in order for Sportsbook Poker to run correctly on your Ubuntu computer.

Now you should be able to access your Sportsbook Poker software client through Wine. Because you are using the Windows version of the software, you have access to all of its features including unlimited multi-tabling, advanced table options and high-quality graphics, animations and sounds.

Sportsbook Poker Ubuntu System Requirements

Because you are using Sportsbook Poker's Windows software on Ubuntu, your system requirements will be slightly different. This is because your computer must run Wine and Sportsbook Poker at the same time, which increases the CPU load and memory consumption. While most Ubuntu computers should be able to do this, older machines might be unable to. If you are able to meet Sportsbook Poker's minimum system requirements, there is a good chance that your Ubuntu computer will be able to run the software without problems. Following are the software's minimum system requirements:

CPU: 366 MHz processor or faster


Internet: 56k Internet connection (Broadband strongly recommended)

Memory: 40 MB free hard drive space

Sound: A sound card is needed if you would like to hear sounds, but it is not required for operation