May 20 2011

Erik Seidel Wins Another in 2011 with WPT Super High Roller Victory

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The trend of hosting “high roller” events in the midst of tournament series was picked up by the World Poker Tour. In the wrap session of Season 9 at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, organizers held a $100K buy-in Super High Roller event during the Five Diamond World Poker Classic.

The two-day event started on May 18 and looked to finish and film before the May 20 final table of the WPT World Championship. While some were worried that turnout might be low, the results showed 29 players in the field, all willing to put up the $100K buy-in.

Players: 29
Prize pool: $2,802,000
First place prize: $1,092,780
Paid finishers: 5

Some of the players who exited on Day 1 included Justin Smith, Dan Cates, Phil Laak, Tony G, Tom Marchese, and Phil Galfond. It ended with 17 players going into the second day and Justin Bonomo holding the chip lead with 1,837,000. The rest of the top five, in order, were Vivek Rajkumar, Erick Lindgren, John Morgan, and Randy Dorfman

Day 2 started with the elimination of Eugene Katchalov and moved forward as players like Gabe Kaplan, Rick Solamon, and Sam Trickett exited. Cary Katz was the bubble player out in sixth place. Justin Bonomo was out in fifth at the hands of Erick Lindgren, and a while after the dinner break, Lindgren also took out Rajkumar. Lindgren eventually eliminated long-time friend Negreanu, and Lindgren launched into heads-up play with the lead over Erik Seidel. But Seidel took that lead, and the two decided to pause the match at 12:30am that night. When they resumed on May 20, they exchanged double-ups but Seidel began to soar. Finally, on a flop of Ac-4c-2c, Seidel bet, and Lindgren check-raised all-in with Jc-3h. Seidel called with Ah-5h. The 9d and 2s kept top pair in the lead, left Lindgren out in second place, and gave Seidel another high roller tournament victory.

1st place: Erik Seidel ($1,092,000)
2nd place: Erick Lindgren ($700,500)
3rd place: Daniel Negreanu ($448,320)
4th place: Vivek Rajkumar ($336,240)
5th place: Justin Bonomo ($224,160)

All information and photos courtesy of the World Poker Tour Live Updates team.

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