Jul 12 2010

Who Else Wants Online Poker Legalized?

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PPAThe Poker Players Alliance (a nonprofit organization that advocates the rights of poker players) has found a new way to leverage professional support. PPA released an application that you can find at the Apple App Store; just search for “Poker Players Alliance.” This app will work on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. The cost is only $0.99 and supports the poker playing population with up-to-date news and laws, as well as a means to promote the passing of new laws.

After announcing the new app, the Executive Director of the PPA, John Pappas, said, “Our members are extremely tech savvy and always looking for more ways to show their support for protecting their rights to play poker. The PPA iPhone app, like our Tweet for Poker website, provides a cutting edge tool for our members to quickly and easily show their support for online poker.”

The PPA’s app is the first to offer users a click-to-call Congress feature, where those who download the app simply click a button on the app and are automatically connected via phone to their member of Congress’ office in Washington, D.C. No more looking up numbers on the Internet or going through a long list of possible numbers to reach your Congressman. The app does the work for users with very little effort at all. If all poker players would utilize this feature, there would be a greater likelihood that laws would be heard in the Senate and in the House of Representatives, resulting in a potential future win for poker players.

It’s Very Easy, but Very Important

The download couldn’t be simpler, and it only takes up 2.1 MB on your iPhone’s hard drive. The navigation is easy, and it is easy to locate and use, as well, bringing users useful news every day. You can schedule the device to notify you whenever a new Tweet comes in, allowing you to get up to the minute updates on important poker news. Other features to explore within the application include “Barcodes,” “Around Me,” “About PPA,” and “Profile.”  The “Profile” section lets you put in your personal information and unlocks some of the functions like “Barcodes” and “Around Me,” which help users find other PPA members in their area. You will also be able to track nearby competitions and promotions that are poker-friendly. One more feature includes tournament feeds delivered directly to the device, straight from Bluff Magazine.

Why Spend $0.99?

If your representative does not hear from you, he or she won’t feel the need to act on any poker-related laws. The feature that the PPA introduced within this application is a sure fire way that your voice will be heard without causing any inconvenience to you. Make a difference with a push of a button. This is a powerful tool for poker players.

Poker Players Alliance Continues the Fight

In addition to this app, the PPA has also launched “Tweet for Poker.” Tweet for Poker is a quick and dynamic tool for PPA members to directly contact legislators in a way that engages the public in debate. It has been successful in support of Representative Barney Frank’s poker bill in the House and also for Senator Robert Menendez’s pro-online poker bill. Users have the option to choose whether they want Tweets sent to their respective Senator or House Representative. The PPA has over 7,355 followers on Twitter, which instantly updates the latest information in the world of poker, as well.

Poker Takes Skill

As poker has grown in popularity and continues to grow, it is more and more likely that legislatures and judges will eventually recognize that the skill involved in poker is more like the expertise you would find in the game of Bridge—nothing at all like that of simply pushing “Spin” on a slot machine.

To quote John Pappas again, “Every credible academic study I have read or heard of agrees, poker is a game of predominant skill. I have yet to see a plausible study that says poker is a game of chance. When you can present the clear facts to an unbiased judge or a jury they will also agree about the skillful nature of poker. The Poker Players Alliance has seen success with these arguments and we continue to build an airtight thesis that will continue to win in legal venues.”

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