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Party Poker offers one of the most straightforward initial deposit promotions in the poker industry. Their offer is a 100% match bonus on initial deposits worth up to 100 US dollars, British Pounds or Euros. Regardless of which major currency you use, Party Poker's initial deposit bonus is exactly the same and can be claimed by using the bonus code OPORG.

Party Poker

Using PartyPoker's Bonus Code

Activating Party Poker's bonus code takes less than 5 minutes. You must first download, install and run Party Poker's software package. Party Poker's software lobby has a section dedicated to creating a new real money account. Once you have created and activated your new Party Poker real money account, you will have access to the deposit section. Use any of Party Poker's valid banking methods such as NETeller, Moneybookers, PayPal, bank transfer or a major credit card to deposit 25 to 100 dollars into your real money account. Enter Party Poker's bonus code OPORG into the bonus code box located on the deposit form to ensure that your initial deposit benefits from the 100% match bonus.

Terms and Conditions of Party Poker's Bonus Code

Party Poker's bonus code is only valid for your initial real money deposit.

You receive 60 days to claim your bonus. Any money you claim within 60 days is transferred to your real money account and does not expire.

You receive a 100% match bonus regardless of whether you use US dollars, British Pounds or Euros as your preferred currency.

You cannot combine Party Poker's bonus code with any other promotional offer.

A minimum deposit of 25 dollars, pounds or Euros with the bonus code OPORG must be made in order to be eligible for the 100% match bonus.

Clearing Your Bonus by Earning Party Points

Party Poker allows you to clear your bonus by earning Party Points on every real money cash game that you participate in. Party Poker rewards you with 2 Party Points for every $1 you contribute to the table's rake. The number of Party Points you earn is dependent on Party Poker's cash game rake schedule. The rake schedule contains:

Limit games of $0.25/$0.50 up to $1/$2: $0.05 rake for every $1.00 in the pot.

Limit games of $2/$4: $0.25 rake for every $5.00 in the pot.

Limit games of $3/$6: $0.50 rake for every $10.00 in the pot.

Limit games of $15/$30 or more: $1.00 rake for every $20 in the pot for mid level games.

You will also earn Party Points every time you enter a poker tournament. Party Poker awards you with 2 Party Points for every $1 you pay in tournament fees.

Converting Party Points to Bonus Cash

Party Poker will release your bonus in 10 individual packages regardless of how much you initially deposit. While Party Poker's bonus code works for all three major currencies, the release restrictions do vary.

When using US dollars, you must earn 6 times the bonus amount in Party Points.

When using Euros, you must earn 8 times the bonus amount in Party Points.

When using British Pounds you must earn 9 times the bonus amount in Party Points.

Once you have earned the necessary amount of Party Points, Party Poker transfers a bonus cash package directly to your real money account. When using the bonus code OPORG, you should have no problems earning enough Party Points to release your entire cash bonus within 60 days.