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Playing cash games at a poker site is the most basic way to play poker. Before poker's meteoric rise in popularity and the arrival of online play, poker was just played between people with cards and money. Along with their huge volume of tournament and Sit & Go games, Party Poker's cash games still manage to bring in vast amounts of players and the opportunity to win a lot of money.

Party Poker

Playing Cash Games at Party Poker

Cash games at Party Poker are simple ring games where you play against a table of other players. Everyone plays until people leave the game or lose their bankroll. The house will always rake a dollar or percentage amount from the pot depending on the table. Usually at the end of a ring game there are just two players going head-to-head for the final pot. Cash games also enable people to drop in and out of games, unlike in tournaments where you have to stay in until you win or lose all of your chips.

At Party Poker, as with nearly all online poker sites, Texas Hold'em is the most popular game for cash games. Thousands of people can be found playing in Party Poker cash games around the clock.

Party poker's cash game offerings are:

Limit Texas Hold'em

Omaha Hi

No Limit Texas Hold'em

Seven Card Stud Hi

Omaha Hi/Lo

Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo

Differences Between Cash Games and Tournament Play at Party Poker

The biggest difference in play between tournaments and cash games is that, in cash games, you are not playing with a certain amount of chips you have received from a buy-in, but with cash from your bankroll. Therefore, you do not want to enter cash games with a small amount of money. Cash games are not about knocking out other players in order for you to get to the final table. You need to be strategic with your bets and rely more on the hands you are dealt than on bluffing and trying to knock players off the table. Also, in cash games, you do not have the situation where people will go all in on certain hands. Generally, the action is based around smaller hands.

Benefits of Playing Party Poker Cash Games

One main aspect of cash games is that they can help to build an online poker community. Because the traffic in cash games is usually smaller than in tournaments, the odds are higher that you will meet the same players or your friends during play. This can help create familiarity with other players and help you to pick up on how others play the game and maybe lead to an advantage. Other benefits of playing Party Poker cash games include:

Shorter wait times for play than tournaments

Buy-ins can range from very low stakes to high stakes depending on the type of player you are

No entry fees

You can create private tables so you and your friends can play against each other

You are still able to earn Party Points to clear bonuses