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The backbone of any online poker site is their selection of cash games. In an online poker cash game, you compete against a selection of opponents at a single table for the pot prize. There are over 50,000 registered poker players at Pokerstars, which means that there are hundreds of cash game tables available 24/7.


Pokerstars Poker Cash Game Types

Pokerstars caters to the entire spectrum of online poker players. Their cash game selection includes:

Texas Hold'em

Omaha and Omaha Hi Lo

Stud and Stud Hi Lo

Five Card Draw

2-7 Triple and Single Draw



Horse and 8 game mix

Practically all of Pokerstars poker cash games are available in no limit, pot limit and fixed limit formats. Expect to find the highest quantity of cash games available in the Texas Hold'em arena. However, because Pokerstars boasts such a high amount of registered poker players, you will be able to find many alternative poker cash games ongoing at any given time.

Accessing Cash Games Through the Pokerstars Lobby

Pokerstars makes it easy and intuitive to find any type of cash game through their main lobby. You will have access to the lobby once you have downloaded and installed Pokerstars' poker software package. From the lobby, you have quick access to Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Stud and other cash games.

Each cash game type allows you to quickly filter the tables based on limit type or specific game play rules. In the Texas Hold'em cash game listing, there is also a third quick filter option allowing you to view games based on their general stakes level. The cash games listing will give you the following vital information for each table:

Table name

Stakes amount

Limit type

Number of players participating

Number of players waiting in queue to play

Average pot size

Average flop view percentage

Number of hands played per hour

To the right of the table listings is a section identifying the names of every player participating in the particular cash game as well as their location and chip count. Pokerstars' lobby also contains a plethora of additional filter options that can be used to find cash games based on specific parameters. You can select the precise stakes range, currency, number of players and big blind size to find your preferred kind of cash game table.

Pokerstars Cash Game Limits

Pokerstars poker cash games offer an extensive range of stakes limits to cater to micro and high stakes players. There are a total of 6 different micro stakes levels with the lowest one being $0.02/$0.04. The cash game limits gradually increase out of the micro stakes levels starting at $1/$2 and rise to a maximum of $1,000/$2,000.

Pokerstars knows that the majority of their players' time will be spent playing in various cash games, which is why they not only provide an extensive selection of cash game types but also maintain tables with limits starting at $0.02/$0.04 to $1,000/$2,000. With thousands of cash games being played around the clock, you're always bound to find an interesting cash game to play.

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