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Founded in 1994, Bodog Poker is one the leading poker sites in the industry. One of the ways that Bodog Poker keeps and attracts customers is its lucrative sign up bonus. If you use the Bodog Poker Referral Number 2360542, Bodog Poker will match 110% of your initial deposit up to $1100. You can also collect 10% of your Bodog Poker initial deposit upfront with no strings attached. Using a Bodog Poker Referral Number is a great deal for customers who are new to the industry as well as poker veterans.

Bodog Poker

Using the Bodog Poker Referral Number

Getting a bonus at Bodog Poker is very easy. Simply use referral number 2360542 during sign up. Here are the steps below.

1. Go to Bodog Poker's website at

2. Click the button titled "Open An Account"

3. Fill in your personal information

4. Navigate down to the optional entry box called Referral Number

5. Insert the Bodog Poker referral number 2360542

6. Complete opening your account

7. You can either download the Bodog Poker software or play their no download flash version to begin clearing your bonus

Bodog Poker Bonus Details

If you successfully implement the Bodog Poker referral number 2360542, Bodog Poker will match 110% of your initial deposit up to $1100. Bodog Poker will immediately credit your account for the first 10%. This is a very unique feature, as nearly every other poker site that offers a sign up bonus requires you to clear your enitre bonus. This means that if you initially deposit $1000, your initial bankroll will be $1100. Subsequently, you'll have 60 days to clear the other $1000 of your bonus. If you do so, you'll have gained $1100 in free cash.

Clearing the Bodog Poker Bonus

Clearing the Bodog Poker bonus you receive from the Bodog Poker referral number 2360542 is quite simple. You clear the bonus by collecting poker points. You can collect poker points by participating in cash games and tournaments. For every 10 poker points you collect, you'll clear $1 of your bonus. For cash games, the amount of points you'll gain is based on the size of the pot. All pots earning above $1 receive one poker point. Pots earning less than $1 earn fractions of poker points based on relative amounts. Additionally, you'll earn 1 poker point for every hour you play. For tournaments, 3 poker points are earned for every $1 you spend in tournament fees.

Bodog poker allows players 60 days to clear poker bonuses. Bonus money is released in intervals of:







Money that has not been cleared after the 60 day period is lost. Fortunately, even if you haven't cleared 100% of your bonus, you can keep the money you've cleared at the intervals listed above.

Bodog Poker is an excellent online poker option. The Bodog Poker bonus gained through the Bodog Poker referral number 2360542 makes the option even more enticing. Bodog Poker will match 110% of your initial deposit up to $1100. This offer is unique because you don't have to clear the first 10%.

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