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Bodog is one of the most prominent online poker sites open to US poker players. Fortunately, they also have various deposit methods available to international poker players.

Bodog Poker

Depositing at Bodog Poker

Deposing at Bodog Poker is a simple process with the following steps:

1. Register for a real money account at Bodog Poker

2. Access the deposit section located in the lobby of Bodog Poker's software.

3. Choose your preferred deposit method from the list of valid methods. The list of valid deposit methods will vary depending on your country of residence.

4. Enter and confirm the exact amount you wish to deposit.

5. Click the Make Deposit button to initiate the deposit process.

6. You will have to wait for the deposit to process before playing with your deposit money. If the deposit process is instant, confirm that the deposit was successful by checking your bankroll in the My Account page.

Remember that the Bodog Poker customer support staff can be contacted by telephone, email or live chat to help with any deposit-related problems you may experience.

Recommended Bodog Poker Deposit Options for U.S. Players

Bodog Poker's primary deposit method is Visa or MasterCard credit. Because Bodog Poker focuses on providing their services to the U.S. market, they ensure that all Visa and MasterCard credit deposits are completed successfully and are 100% secure. Apart from safety reasons, Visa or MasterCard credit is recommended for U.S. players because it provides instant access to deposited funds. There is no processing period and once you have performed an initial Visa or MasterCard deposit, the information will be saved so you can quickly reload your poker bankroll whenever you need to.

Complete List of Bodog Poker Deposit Methods

Bodog Poker offers different deposit methods based on your country of residence. The minimum deposit limit for all methods is $20.

The following banking methods are available to US poker players:

Visa and MasterCard credit


Virtual Pin

Diner's Club

The following banking methods are available to international poker players:

Visa and MasterCard Credit





Using Credit Card Depositing in the U.S.

Bodog Poker provides you with instant access to your poker funds if you use a Visa or MasterCard credit account to make your deposit. However, Bodog Poker requires all U.S. poker players who use a Visa or MasterCard credit account to fax a completed and signed Credit Card Verification form before making a valid withdrawal. The Credit Card Verification form as well as a photocopy of your credit card and picture ID must be faxed to Bodog Poker so their verification staff can ensure the validity of the cash withdrawal. This process may seem tedious and time consuming, but it is one of the most effective ways to stop credit card fraud within the online poker community.

Bodog Poker does not actively display all of their valid deposit methods on their website, but rest assured that Bodog Poker does have at least one major banking method available regardless of which country you reside in. Their deposit system is straightforward and will give you near instant access to your poker funds if you choose to use Visa or MasterCard credit.

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