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UB Poker is a large, established online poker site that has a comprehensive rakeback program known as RAI$E. As with virtually any other online card room, UB Poker collects a fee from each pot awarded through the site. This fee, commonly referred to as rake, is used to fund the general operations of UB Poker. Without the rake, UB Poker would not have the necessary funding to maintain their website, provide customer service, and continue to develop poker software. Rake is taken from each pot in accordance with a predetermined rake schedule, and players can earn a portion of their rake back through UB Poker's loyalty program.

UB Poker

UB Poker's Rake

UB Poker takes a rake fee from each pot won at the site. The actual amount of rake taken from each pot depends on the table limits, the betting structure in place, and the number of players involved at the table. In addition, UB Poker has imposed a maximum rake limit on each of these combinations to ensure that high stakes players aren't penalized excessively. A few examples of UB Poker's rake schedule are listed below:

In a fixed limit game with a 10 cent / 20 cent table limit, with 2 or more active players, UB Poker will rake 5 cents from each dollar in the pot, with a maximum rake of 25 cents.

In a fixed limit game with a $5 / $10 table limit and 5 or more active players, UB Poker will rake $1 for every $20 in the pot, with a $3 maximum rake.

In a no limit or pot limit game with $3 / $6 blinds and two players, UB Poker takes 5 cents for each dollar in the pot, with a $1 maximum rake.

In a no limit game with blinds of $25 / $50 and 3 to 4 players, UB Poker rakes 5 cents for every dollar in the pot, with a maximum rake of $2.

UB Poker Rakeback System

As an active player at UB Poker, you'll end up contributing a significant amount of money to the rake. Since rake is only taken as a percentage of a won pot, the only effect on your daily poker play will be pots that are slightly smaller than they would be if no rake was taken. Still, it's possible to get a large portion of this money back through the rakeback program, known as RAI$E.

With RAI$E, you'll collect Status Points (to raise your level in the program) and UltimatePoints (which can be redeemed for rakeback money). The three highest tiers in the program - Contender, Legend and Icon - allow for cash back. Contenders can turn in Ultimate Points for up to $50 cash, while Legends and Icons can earn $250 and $1,000 on a monthly basis, respectively. In addition, Icons receive 5% interest on their poker accounts, allowing for even more UB Poker rakeback.

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