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UB Poker, formerly Ultimate Bet, is a massive online poker site offering one of the most comprehensive VIP programs in the industry. The VIP program at UB Poker is entitled RAI$E. RAI$E is a multi-tiered program in which you'll collect Status Points by playing real money hands of poker in cash games. Status Points are also earned through tournament entry fees. Status Points are used to determine your RAI$E level, which in turn determines the rate at which you earn UltimatePoints. UltimatePoints can then be traded for cash or redeemed at the UltimatePoints store. In addition, you can unlock special perks and bonuses by climbing the RAI$E ladder.

UB Poker

Earning Status Points at UB Poker

You can earn Status Points by playing in cash games and real money tournaments at UB Poker. One Status Point is awarded for every 30 cents you pay in tournament entry fees. The amount of Status Points rewarded in a cash game depends on the stakes level, and higher stakes will lead to more Status Points per hand. For example, in a $0.50 / $1.00 game, you'll earn 1 Status Point for every 5 ranked hands played. In games with stakes of $4.00 / $8.00 and above, you'll earn 2 Status Points for every raked hand played. Note that these figures refer to Limit poker, and exact figures for Pot Limit/No Limit poker will differ slightly.

Earning UltimatePoints at UB Poker

UltimatePoints are earned in conjunction with Status Points. Whereas Status Points are simply used to determine your RAI$E Level, UltimatePoints are the actual currency you'll use to purchase merchandise, tournament buy-ins and cash. As a new member at UB Poker, you'll earn Status Points and Ultimate Points at a 1:1 ratio. However, raising your RAI$E level will place a multiplier on the Ultimate Points you earn. The multipliers are as follows:

  • Member: 1x
  • Player: 2x
  • Contender: 3x
  • Legend: 4x
  • Icon: 5x

For example, a player with Legend status who earns 500 Status Points in one month would simultaneously earn 2,000 Ultimate Points.

Climbing the UB Poker RAI$E Ladder

In order to increase and maintain your status level at UB Poker, you'll need to earn a certain amount of Status Points each month. Each level provides access to the benefits found in the lower membership levels, as well as additional benefits. Membership levels, along with their benefits and Status Point requirements, are listed below:

Member (0 Points Monthly)

  • Freeroll access
  • Refer-a-friend promotion
  • Premium customer support

Player (50 Points Monthly)

  • Tournament buy-ins with Ultimate Points
  • Access to UltimatePoints Store

Contender (500 Points Monthly)

  • Tournament creation
  • $50 cash maximum for UltimatePoints redemption per month

Legend (2,500 Points Monthly)

  • VIP hosting with email, chat and phone
  • Free tournament invites
  • 10% discount at UltimatePoints Store
  • $250 cash maximum for UltimatePoints redemption per month

Icon (10,000 Points every 6 Months)

  • Concierge services
  • 5% interest on account balance
  • VIP treatment at live events
  • Opportunity to play with pros such as Phil Hellmuth
  • Access to live event qualifiers
  • $1,000 cash maximum for UltimatePoints redemption per month

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