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Absolute Poker is a popular destination for online poker players from around the world. Part of the reason why the site has so many players is because Absolute Poker makes it easy for new players to receive a large bonus just for signing up for a new account. To obtain this bonus, you will need to use the Absolute Poker referral code AP500.

Absolute Poker

Absolute Poker Deposit Referral Code

When you make your initial deposit at Absolute Poker and use the referral code AP500, you can receive a bonus that is 150% of the amount that you initially deposited. You may deposit as little as $10 to receive this bonus. Likewise, you may deposit as much as you want up to $1000, but you may only receive a maximum of $500 in bonus money.

How to Enter the Absolute Poker Referral Code

1. Visit Absolute Poker and download the free software

2. Install the software and sign up for your poker account

3. Navigate to the Cashier section of the lobby and click Deposit

4. Enter the Absolute Poker referral code AP500 in the box marked Bonus Code

5. Complete the payment and you will receive 150% of your initial deposit amount

The maximum bonus amount you may receive is $500.

Clearing Your Absolute Poker Referral Bonus

Once you have entered your Absolute Poker referral code and have completed the transaction, your bonus money will automatically be entered into a Bonus Dollars account. Absolute Poker will then release your bonus money in $5 increments as it becomes available. To release your bonus money, you will need to compete in real money ring games and tournaments to earn STATUS Points. STATUS Points not only help you to release your bonus money, but they also determine your rank in the VIP membership system called FAME.

Your FAME level also determines how many STATUS points it will take to earn $1 of your bonus money. For Bronze, Silver and Gold levels, you will earn $1 for every 20 STATUS points you acquire. At the Platinum FAME level, it will take only 18 STATUS points to clear $1. A player at the Diamond Elite FAME level will only need 17 STATUS points to earn one bonus dollar. All new players begin at the Bronze level, so you will need to earn 100 STATUS points to receive your first $5 bonus. You are given 60 days to clear this bonus and you must first clear the referral bonus before you can receive money from any additional bonuses.

Earning Absolute Poker STATUS Points

You earn STATUS Points to receive your bonus from the Absolute Poker referral code by competing in real money poker games. This includes poker ring games and tournaments. Absolute Poker also offers blackjack, but only tournament blackjack can help you to earn STATUS Points.

Each raked poker hand that you play at the $2/$4 limit will earn you one bonus point. Raked hands in limit games that are cheaper than $2/$4 will earn less than one point, while hands higher than $2/$4 will earn more. When playing in pot limit and no limit games, each raked hand at $1/$2 will earn one point, with all hands lower or higher earning less or more points respectively. When playing in poker and blackjack tournaments, you will receive one point for every $0.30 you pay in tournament fees. Remember to use the Absolute Poker Referral Code AP500 to receive this offer.

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