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Absolute Poker is one of the most popular online poker sites on the Internet. The site gives you the opportunity to compete with players from all around the globe in all of the classic poker variations. It offers one of the most rewarding VIP programs available on the Internet. The program, called Fame, gives players the chance to enjoy excellent benefits, bonuses, rewards and freerolls. The Fame program gives players the best chance to earn the most money possible by playing at Absolute Poker.

Absolute Poker

Absolute Poker Status Points

You must earn Absolute Poker status points in order to work your way up the Fame ladder. You earn status points by participating in ring games, tournaments and blackjack hands. All players earn the same number of status points for playing games, regardless of their Fame level. However, more points are awarded for playing in games with higher stakes. For example, you will earn 1 status point for playing in a ring game with a limit of $1/$2. If you play in a ring game with a limit of $4/$8, you will earn 2 status points. You only earn status points at Absolute Poker when you play in real money games. You can increase your status points more quickly by playing at multiple tables at the same time.

How Status Points Relate to Your Fame Level

The amount of status points you earn directly effects your position on the Fame ladder. You will have to earn the minimum required status points each month to maintain your Fame status. The minimum requirements for each level on the Fame ladder are:

Bronze Status - 0 status points

Silver Status - 50 status points

Gold Status - 500 status points

Platinum VIP Status - 2,500 status points

Diamond Elite Status - 10,000 status points

Remember that you have to reach these minimum totals each month. For example, if you earn 50 status points by August 11, you will be granted Silver Status until the end of the month. You must then earn 50 points in September to reclaim your Silver Status.

Benefits of the Absolute Poker VIP Program

You will unlock new benefits and rewards as you work your way up the Fame ladder. As you move up the ladder, you have access to the rewards you previously earned as well as any new benefits you are subject to. The following rewards are offered for each level:

Bronze status members are rewarded with:

Loyalty program membership

Special reload bonus offers

Premium customer support

Refer-a-friend bonus opportunities


No AbsolutePoints earning cap

Silver status members are rewarded with:

Tourneys for AbsolutePoints

AbsolutePoints for gift cards

AbsolutePoints multiplier

Gold status members are rewarded with:

Ability to create your own tournaments

Absolute rewards store

AbsolutePoints for tickets or events

Cash for AbsolutePoints per month

Platinum status members are rewarded with:

VIP host by email, phone or chat

10% store shopping discounts

Exclusive satellite invitations

Diamond elite status members are rewarded with:

VIP concierge services at poker events

5% account balance interest

VIP treats

Absolute Poker AbsolutePoints

AbsolutePoints are very similar to status points. However, while you earn status points to work your way up the Fame ladder, you use AbsolutePoints to buy merchandise, tickets, cash or tournaments. Your AbsolutePoints balance is not reset each month. You will earn more AbsolutePoints depending on your Fame level.

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