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Absolute Poker is one of the largest online poker rooms on the Internet. It recently joined forces with Ultimate Bet on the CEREUS Poker Network. There are download software options available for Mac and Windows; however, like most poker sites, there is no dedicated Linux client. There is an instant play feature available to all operating systems, however there is a way to download the client on a machine that runs Linux.

Absolute Poker

Using Absolute Poker on Linux

To download the Absolute Poker client with Linux you need to first download a Windows emulator such as Wine. Once you have installed the emulator you should be able to install Windows. After that, you can install Absolute Poker just as you would on any computer running Windows.

1. Go to Absolutepoker.com and create an account.

2. Click the Download Now icon to begin the download.

3. Click Run on the pop-up.

4. Follow the download instructions and an Absolute Poker icon should appear on your desktop.

To play Absolute Poker just like on a Windows or Mac computer, just click the icon and start playing.

Some emulators can be bug-ridden on a Linux system. If you do not want to run a Windows emulator, the Instant Play function is also available.

Minimum System Requirements for Absolute Poker on Linux

To ensure fast and smooth game play, make sure your computer meets these requirements:

56k connection or faster

128-256MB RAM

8bit or better sound card

40MB free disc space

Pentium III 400 MHz processor or better

Screen resolution of 800x600 and 16-bit color or better

Absolute Poker does not guarantee success for those that play with less than a broadband connection. Absolute Poker requires 49K real time connection while running its software. As most 56K modems use 56K as their highest bandwidth limit, running programs concurrently with Absolute Poker can cause a slow down in game play and other complications.

Using Absolute Poker's Instant Play on Linux

As long as your system meets Absolute Poker's Minimum requirements for the Instant Play version, all you have to do is click and play. The requirements are:

Install Java Runtime Environment

Run Internet Explorer 6 or higher or its equivalent.

Have 128MB RAM installed.

Screen resolution of 800x600 or higher

Features not Supported on Absolute Poker's Instant Play

Unfortunately, not all game types and features are available on Absolute Poker's instant play option. Many of the downloadable features are just viable for a browser client. The features not available on the instant play client are:

Hot keys

20 table maximum

Instant hand replay

Multiple player Blackjack

Cascade and Tiling tables

Different table views

Favorite seat options

Omaha, Stud and mixed game tournaments

Many sites still do not offer Linux-specific poker clients. Through the use of an emulator, however, Linux users should be able to enjoy Absolute Poker.

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