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A rake is a small amount of money that is taken out by online poker sites each time you contribute money to a pot. This helps sites promote the site, improve software and pay employees. Absolute Poker takes a very small percentage from every pot. The size of the rake depends on the number of players and the stake. The site offers a rakeback program that deposits a portion of the rake into your account.

Absolute Poker

Absolute Poker Rakeback Percentage

Absolute Poker rewards players with a 30% rakeback. This means that 30% of the money that was taken as rake when you played real money hands will be deposited back into your account. Rakeback programs help keep your poker account funded. You will receive rakebacks whether you win or lose a hand. Absolute Poker adds rakebacks to your account every day. You will generally be signed up for the rakeback program when you first register at the site.

Absolute Poker Rake

The size of the rake taken from each pot varies based on the online poker site you use. Absolute Poker features a rake schedule that makes it very easy to see the size of the rake that is taken from each hand. The schedule is organized by table limit and number of players. In fixed limit games with a table limit of $0.01/$0.02 and two players, $0.01 rake is taken for every $0.20 in the pot. The percentage of rake increases with the table limit and number of players. There is a maximum rake limit for every hand. For example, a maximum rake of $2 is taken for games with a table limit of $1/$2 and two players. The highest rake that will ever be removed from the pot in fixed limit games is $4.

The rake taken from the pot at no limit and pot limit tables is very similar. $0.01 for every $0.20 and $0.05 for every $1 is removed from the pot. The max rake that will ever be taken during a game at a no limit or pot limit table is $3. Heads up limit and no limit tables feature a slightly different rake structure. The max rake on these tables is only $1. No rake is taken during tournament play.

To get rakeback at Absolute Poker, simply sign up using the green button above. Then come back to this page and enter your screen name and email below to finish the process.

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How Absolute Poker Rakeback Relates to Bonuses

Absolute Poker gives all first-time players a 150% sign up bonus up to $500. Players cannot immediately play poker with the bonus funds. Instead, the bonus is added to a special bonus account and must be unlocked by playing real money hands. This prevents players from withdrawing their sign up bonus and never actually playing at the site. Half of the bonus you clear will be deducted from any rakeback you receive. You will continue to have your bonus deducted from your rakeback until you unlock the full bonus. This gives you incentive to clear your bonus as fast as possible. You will receive the full 30% rakeback once you have unlocked your entire bonus.

Absolute Poker offers a 30% rakeback bonus to help repay some of the rake that is taken from each hand you play. It is an extra cash source that is good for when you are running low on funds. The more hands you play, the larger your rakeback will be at Absolute Poker.

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