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Absolute Poker gives players many different opportunities to bet real money. Players can play in a variety of cash games or tournaments. Cash games are your classic poker games. They are single games played at one table with other players. Cash games are popular among casual players because they do not require a large time commitment. Tournaments take longer, but they generally have larger prize opportunities.

Absolute Poker

Absolute Poker Cash Game Types

Players who register with Absolute Poker and make a cash deposit are eligible to play all of the classic poker variations. They can be played in either the downloadable or Instant Play Absolute Poker software. The following poker variations are available:


Omaha Hi-Lo

Seven Card Stud

Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo

Texas Hold'em


All of these poker games are available in pot limit, no limit and limit types. Absolute Poker is a very popular site, so there are always a lot of players at the poker tables. Both novices and serious poker players will find a poker game that is suitable for their skill level.

Using the Absolute Poker Lobby to Find Cash Games

The lobby of Absolute Poker is what you will use to navigate to any of the poker variations or make deposits to your bankroll. You will enter the lobby immediately after you launch the downloadable software or Instant Play option. All of the cash games that are available to you will be present in the lobby. You can view any upcoming tournaments by clicking the tournament tab.

You can navigate to the available cash games by clicking on the type of poker variation you want to play. The poker games are organized into Omaha, Hold'em, Stud and Mixed categories. All of the tables that are currently joinable will be displayed after you click a category. You can also select pot limit, no limit or limit at this time.

A lot of information about cash games will be displayed in the lobby of Absolute Poker. You will be able to see the usernames and chip counts of all of the players that are sitting at a table. You can also view the wait time, flop percentage, average pot size and hands per hour for each table. You should use this information to decide what table you want to join.

Absolute Poker Cash Game Limits

Absolute Poker works hard to cater to both high rollers and casual poker players. The site offers a wide variety of stakes to accommodate everyone. You can join limit games with stakes that range from $0.02/$0.04 up to $50/$100. There are no limit tables at Absolute Poker that require a buy in of $500. Higher stakes games are taken more seriously. As a result, the competition will be tougher.

Absolute Poker gives players a wide variety of cash games and tournaments to choose from. The site's huge user base ensures that there will always be players on many different poker tables. Absolute Poker has something for every budget and skill level.

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