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Ubuntu, the largest Linux distribution, is becoming an increasingly popular Windows alternative for PC users. This is because unlike Windows, Ubuntu offers useable integrated security features and top-notch networking services. Unfortunately, software for Windows and Ubuntu is not cross-compatible. All Windows software has to be re-written for Ubuntu, and since Windows is still a much more popular operating system option, there is a lot of Windows software that doesn't have an available Ubuntu version. Fortunately, although Absolute Poker's poker software is for Windows only, there are two options available for your Absolute Poker Ubuntu needs.

Absolute Poker

Instant Play for Absolute Poker Ubuntu

Absolute Poker has an available Instant Play option. Instant Play allows you to play poker on Absolute Poker without downloading any additional software. Instant Play is a Java application that runs inside your web browser natively. Rather than having specific operating system requirements that would limit it to Windows only, Instant Play's only running requirement is that you must have Java. Since Java is available for Windows, Mac and most Linux distributions, Instant Play runs seamlessly in Ubuntu.

Most Internet poker operations that have Instant Play options offer only very limited features in Instant Play. In many cases, these limits are significant drawbacks that greatly affect playability. Absolute Poker's Instant Play option, on the other hand, is nearly identical in usability to their full downloadable version. The only drawback is that you are limited to playing 3 tables at a time. Using Absolute Poker's downloadable software, you can play 20 tables simultaneously.

Installing Absolute Poker Ubuntu with Wine

Wine is a cleverly developed Ubuntu application that allows you to install and execute many Windows applications on your Ubuntu computer. To install Wine, click on applications, navigate to accessories and select the Terminal. Inside the terminal, type the command sudo apt-get install wine, and push enter. You'll be asked for your root password. This you should already know. Type in your password and you'll be asked permission to download the file. Type y, and then enter. If all went well, Wine should be successfully installed.

Alternatively, you can install Wine by opening Synaptic. Under Settings, click Repositories, then Universe. Click on Wine to mark it for installation and select Apply. Once installed, you can use Wine to run Absolute Poker's software. You can do this by navigating to Absolute Poker's site. When you download the software, make sure to install it in Wine's folder, which can be found in Applications. Although installing Wine and using it to install Absolute Poker's software can be a slight hassle, doing so is possible even if you aren't a computer genius, and it will give you full access to all of Absolute Poker's features.

More and more people are switching from Windows to Ubuntu. Although software development isn't equal between the two platforms, there are routes around Ubuntu's software incompatibilities. Absolute Poker Ubuntu users can use Absolute Poker through Absolute Poker's Instant Play option or by installing Absolute Poker's software using Wine. If you want access to Absolute Poker's full range of features, then installing with Wine is the best option. If, however, you're fine with only playing 3 tables at once, consider Instant Play.

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